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Green Resources—Environmental Campaign Packages

You probably don’t want the city that you live in to be a concrete jungle or a jungle of a more primitive kind. A well-designed city needs to maintain a delicate balance among environmental concerns, social needs and economic sustainability. If you were an urban planner, how would you satisfy the needs of your citizens?

“Low-carbon City” is a strategic game that challenges you to think about putting sustainability into practice. With limited space and resources, you need to understand the interaction and trade-offs between urban growth and the environment. It is one of a series of eight mini-games designed for students and the general public.

The games are interactive modules of the School- and Community-based Environmental Campaign Packages. The two packages are tailor-made to assist schools and non-governmental organizations in organizing environmental activities. The games cover topics such as your carbon footprint, green consumption and sustainable building design. After completing the games, players will receive a set of passwords to unlock the secret ending.

A recurring theme of the games is reducing carbon-dioxide emissions through practicing an environmentally friendly lifestyle. While this message is reiterated frequently through various channels such as advertisements, posters and leaflets, we believe that the games provide a more-effective means of promoting low-carbon concepts to young people. The games prompt players to reflect, discover, and adopt green actions in real life, leading them to make meaningful changes. As a result, the games do not only promote green concepts to individual players – they also encourage members of the community to go green together.

“The packages are great resources for organizing environmental activities,” Lee Chun-ying, teacher of Chiu Yang Por Yen Primary School, said. “They are easy to install and use. In fact they are ready to be used right after plugging in! The procedures to borrow the packages are simple too – just fill out the online form and officers of the Gaia office will contact you for further arrangement.”

The School-based Environmental Campaign Package
The Community-based Environmental Campaign Package
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