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From Big Waster to Green Master

PB, ‘Big Waster, for over six years, you have served as the promotional representative of the Environment Bureau of the HKSAR Government. Do you still remember your debut video? “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach!” Your wasteful food behaviour has been deeply etched into people’s minds!’

Big Waster, ‘At that time, I was publicizing the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign for the Environmental Protection Department. As a bad example of the extravagant squandering of food, I inspired people to stop wasting food and reduce leftovers, and more importantly not to become an annoying “Big Waster”. Every time I promoted green measures in schools, some students would come up to me, urging me to stop wasting food and to reconsider my lifestyle… I was really ashamed.’

PB, ‘Thankfully, you have turned over a new leaf. You do not waste food anymore. You also strive to gain green knowledge and change yourself into a Green Master.’

Big Waster, ‘I am still learning hard. In the past six years, I have studied numerous environmental issues with the general public through different channels. These issues include waste management, climate change and sustainability. Last year, I initiated the Waste Reduction Challenge campaign through social media platforms. A total of twenty-one celebrities from various sectors challenged me. I uploaded a video every day for three consecutive weeks to share ways of incorporating green practices into daily life, and brought a message that all of us could cultivate green habits in just twenty-one days. We also hope that the participants of this challenge could spread these practices to their families and friends, encouraging them to take green actions together. In the future, I will continue to learn and share green information, so as to become a real Green Master alongside all of you.’

PB, ‘Who is the greenest person in your mind?’

Big Waster, ‘Among the people I know, the greenest person is definitely Mr Wong (editor’s note: Mr Wong Kam-sing, the Secretary for the Environmental Bureau). He always practices what he preaches. For example he only uses a fan instead of an air conditioner in the scorching summer heat. Early this year, after receiving the $50-per-month relief under the Electricity Charges Relief Scheme, he once revealed his $0 electricity bill publicly. It was really amazing! Also, if you pay attention to his clothing, he always puts on a t-shirt with my face printed on it, which was a promotional material of a past event. He always re-uses materials and wears this t-shirt to attend public or private events. He serves as a role model of a genuine environmentalist, and we should all follow his example.’

PB, ‘As a KOL in the green sector, do you have any important green information to share recently?’(1)

Big Waster, ‘Have you watched my video clip on the Clean Recycling campaign? The public can learn about clean recycling and the operation mode of the recycling system. The public will learn that before putting wastes into recycling bins, we need to check and ensure that the materials are suitable for recycling, and clean thoroughly where practicable, so as not to contaminate other recyclables and to lower the workload of recyclers. In fact, the green awareness of the general public has greatly improved in recent years. In the past, they only knew “blue for paper, yellow for aluminium cans and brown for plastic bottles”. Now they have begun to take an interest in recycling more efficiently. This Clean Recycling video clip may help everyone to learn about this.’

Big Waster, a popular character created by the HKSAR Government to spread the message that we should all ‘use less, waste less’

PB, ‘To promote environmental protection, the participation and support of the general public is crucial, and a concerted effort is also essential. Finally, let’s play a quiz game to spread some green messages, shall we?’

Big Waster, ‘Cool! I love games!’

PB, ‘What are the greenest choices of food?’

Big Waster, ‘More vegetables, fruits and legumes, less meats. You should also choose local and seasonable foods.’

PB, ‘If you have to drive, what type of car is the better choice?’

Big Waster, ‘Drive an electric car instead of a petrol car.’

PB shows Big Waster around the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change

PB, ‘What is the best way to travel to reduce your impact on the Earth?’

Big Waster, ‘Go by rail instead of flying.’

PB, ‘Indeed, is there any lower carbon option of travel for holidays?’

Big Waster, ‘Taking a holiday locally minimizes carbon emissions. PB, can you suggest a good place?’

PB, ‘Absolutely. I recommend the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Visitors can obtain information on climate change and sustainability. Also, they can take a tour of the eco scenic spots and green facilities inside CUHK campus. Having an in-person experience of natural ecology is beneficial to both mental and physical health.’

Big Waster, ‘You are right! I have visited the Museum and learned a lot of new things. Hong Kong still has many world-class attractions which are well worth a visit. Let’s discover these fascinating Hong Kong places together!’

Big Waster continues to equip himself with the skills and knowledge necessary to be a ‘Green Master’
Big Waster and Mr Wong Kam-sing (Secretary for the Environment of the HKSAR Government) have been buddies for years, and attend public events together to promote environmental protection



KOL (Key Opinion Leader) refers to a person with mobilizing power or influential effect on social media platforms.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to this article include:

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Goal 13: Climate Action

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

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