Exhibition on the Theme

‘Beyond 60°S’ Exhibition

30 August – 30 November 2018



Despite the strict conditions imposed by the Antarctic Treaty and the Environmental Protocol, Antarctica will always constitute a temptation to countries determined to exploit natural resources. The tension between those determined to exploit Antarctica’s mineral resources and those determined to conserve its resources will inevitably create bitter conflicts of interest and give rise to geopolitical disputes.

The 50-year moratorium on the exploration and exploitation of Antarctica for mineral and energy resources will expire in 2048. This may seem a long time away, but conservation issues should not be taken lightly. The global commons, although it may sometimes seem remote and difficult to understand, has never been more closely connected to us.

The recent success in protecting the ozone layer over Antarctica underlines the importance and success of international action and agreement. Valuable guidance has been derived from recent work and development in the Arctic region, and for that reason, the ‘Southern Land’ must be protected by all of us, so that it can be kept in peace and continue to benefit the global community as a whole.

For further interests, more information is available from The Antarctic of our sustainability hub.


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