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Can climate change be better addressed through a more localised, city-centric and nature-oriented focus? Watch Luc Bas explain how nature-based solutions are being employed to make cities more livable.

One of the biggest political challenges today is to close the gap between climate action and security objectives. Susanne Dröge argues that the debate on climate security is expected to become more prominent and dynamic in the near future.

A new study published by Climate Policy finds that national climate action has spread rapidly, and that this spread is strongly coincident with landmark international agreements. Following the Paris Agreement, 89% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (76% not counting USA) are covered by pledged national GHG reduction targets, a near universal coverage. Moreover, more than two thirds of global emissions are covered by national climate legislation or strategy, a development strongly shaped by negotiations around the Copenhagen Accord. While national actions are, as yet, insufficiently stringent, this broad coverage is an important step forward.

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