ECF Mobilizing Community Climate Action by Future Museum Curators

ECF Mobilizing Community Climate Action by Future Museum Curators

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ECF Mobilizing Community Climate Action by Future Museum Curators is an 18-month (2021–2022) school-based community project supported by the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF). The project capitalizes on the MoCC's experience in climate outreach and advocacy and represents a unique model of experiential and problem-based learning through curating an exhibition that inspires community pro-climate actions. Student participants (our 'Future Curators') will have the opportunity to showcase their works at the MoCC and will reach a larger audience worldwide through our various global partners.


  • To empower young people as a force for positive change by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills in curating and communicating exhibits, so that they can make a meaningful contribution to climate action; and
  • To encourage the community to respond to the messages conveyed in these exhibits and to take appropriate climate action.

Project Components

The core component of this project is a comprehensive training programme designed to provide young people with the necessary knowledge and skills to communicate climate change and sustainable development through technology-aided exhibitions.

Training Scope

  1. Knowledge of climate change and UN Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Curation and science communication skills
  3. Innovation know-how – AR technology

Learning Outcome

  1. Be able to identify and propose solutions to climate change and its impact
  2. Have basic knowledge of AR technology and its application in exhibitions
  3. Be able to curate their own exhibitions
  4. Be able to showcase their exhibits to a wider international audience through the MoCC's global partners

Various activities are designed to expand the reach and impact of the project, including:

  1. A social media campaign to share the climate solutions proposed by the students of Training Future Curators.
  2. A virtual gallery showcasing the interactive exhibitions curated by the students of Training Future Curators.
  3. A Future Curators' exhibition at the MoCC co-curated by the museum and the best student curators selected in the Training Future Curators.


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Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material/event do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Environment and Conservation Fund and the Environmental Campaign Committee.

Training Future Curators

Join us to help your students...

  • Learn about the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and how everyone can work towards these Goals
  • Acquire in-demand AR and curation skills
  • Gain practical experience in integrating science and arts through exhibit development
  • Develop new ways of thinking in approaching problems
  • Inspire positive change in the wider community

Enhance knowledge of climate change, science communication skills and innovative know-how

Through a comprehensive training programme which includes sharing sessions, workshops and field trips, the programme participants (our 'Future Curators') will identify problems of climate change and explore the connections between climate change and the United Nations' (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The training will be provided in multiple modules covering climate change knowledge, basic curation skills and the application of AR technology.

Experience the work of a curator

The programme will expose the participants to various aspects of a curator's work, from content research, through description drafting, to exhibit design and development. Under the MoCC's guidance, the participants will work with their teammates to curate their own exhibitions to be staged at their schools and in a virtual gallery. Selected curating teams will co-curate with the museum team a year-end themed exhibition to be staged at the MoCC.

Showcase to the world

The participants will have the opportunity to showcase their works to a larger worldwide audience through our global partners. These include:

  • Hong Kong Chapter of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN Hong Kong)
  • Australian Museum
  • Ki Culture (the Netherlands)

Target Participants:

S1 – S6 students


6 to 8 students from each school


  • The best student curators will earn the opportunity to co-curate an exhibition to be staged at the MoCC.
  • Each participant who has fulfilled all the requirements will be awarded an e-certificate.

Programme Flow

The programme will consist of a series of interactive class and practical sessions.

August to September 2021
Enrolment (by school)
October to December 2021
School seminarFor all students
9 October 2021 or
16 October 2021
SDG 13 Keepers training (full-day)
30 October 2021 or
6 November 2021
InnoCurators museum operation
training (full-day)Including a field trip
20 November 2021 or
27 November 2021 or
4 December 2021 or
11 December 2021
InnoCurators augmented reality
training (full-day)
December 2021 to
May 2022
Future Curators exhibitions
(brick-and-mortar)Minimum two weeks for each exhibition
May 2022
Future Curators' exhibitions (online)
May to December 2022
MoCC exhibition
(co-curated with the
Best-performing Future Curators)

*Participating schools should complete the school seminar, the training sessions and Future Curators' exhibitions.

Social Media Campaign



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