Eco Tour Photo Contest Entries Exhibited at Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change

icon date s Saturday 17 May 2014

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The Eco Tour Photo Contest 2014 hosted by the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change (MoCC) of CUHK Jockey Club Initiative Gaia (Gaia) completed successfully and concluded with a prize presentation cum opening ceremony of photo exhibition. Officiating at the ceremony were Ms Imelda CHAN, Executive Manager, Charities of The Hong Kong Jockey Club; Dr Rebecca LEE, Founder of Polar Museum Foundation; Prof. FUNG Tung, Associate Vice-President of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK); and Mrs Cecilia LAM, Programme Director of CUHK Jockey Club Initiative Gaia. Thirty-six best entries of the contest are now on display at MoCC until 30 August 2014.

The Eco Tour Photo Contest aims to promote ecological conservation and green living. Participants are required to capture the ecological attractions and green facilities along the route of the Eco Tour on CUHK campus, an extended educational activity of MoCC. Many contestants have captured the serenity of nature through the photographs, while others have tried to encourage daily behavioural changes by showing the various green facilities. The winners are as follows:


Open Group

 Champion  Mr CHAN Cheung Michael
 First Runner-up  Mr WONG Chi Keung
 Second Runner-up  Miss CHAN Wai Yee
 Merit  Ms LAM Sau Chun
 Merit  Mr MA Yat Man
 My Favourite (online voting)  Mr SUEN Tsz Keung


Student Group

 Champion  Mr WONG Yik Lun
 First Runner-up  Miss WONG Hoi Yan
 Second Runner-up  Mr LAU Yiu Chung
 Merit  Mr LO Ka Nok
 Merit  Mr CHAN Chun Chiu
 My Favourite (online voting)  Miss NG Tsz Yan
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  • photo_contest2014-009_63bd4ca7100fb91aef10f086993d6d91
  • photo_contest2014-010_8ee6f44f7b57db0b2024d03d22168a1e
  • photo_contest2014-011_7004111e1c4f9c58da05526abc6dd585
  • photo_contest2014-012_7b930c22396bdb989edb1db08206a092
  • photo_contest2014-013_19593776b607547309497712b8de582a
  • photo_contest2014-014_96533b48fff10210266673b3dbe878f9
  • photo_contest2014-015_7a4b2ff3acea44fac4598474218fb0ba
  • photo_contest2014-016_58682329d63af5c5b0ffa2d3d26845da
  • photo_contest2014-017_6736f7cc268297573a08d885038eb4bc
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