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可持續發展委員會早前向政府提交有關長遠減碳策略報告,期望香港在 2050 年或之前實現淨零碳排放,為全球將平均溫度的升幅限制在工業化前水平的1.5°C度之內出一分力。委員會制定了一個長遠願景,在八個主要範疇(包括目標;生活方式;教育、培訓與研究;建築環境;能源;交通;城市規劃與管理;金融 )提出了55項建議以支持落實有關策略。


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Selva Ozelli’s second solo digital art show “Breathe Life” will take place at the Pinelo Art Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey from September 7 to 21, 2020, starting on the very first International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies Day.

Similar to her group art show “Atelier Teymur Rzayev’s First Digital Climate Change Art Show” and her first solo digital art show “Art in the Time of Corona”:

Selva curated “Breathe Life” based on her series of articles on digital technology adoption, solar energy and tax policies in the jurisdictions with the greatest carbon emissions. Her art shows as well as her article series have been published by the “Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change - Hong Kong” in addition to more than 90 other museums as well as more than 100 other publications around the world.

The motivation behind launching her second solo digital art show was Selva Ozelli's multiple climate change themed paintings that are part of this art show --paintings titled “Oak Tree” depicting a Himalayan oak tree and “Global Warming” depicting the melting Himalayan glaciers -was selected at the International Environment Day Art Contest by the Department of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Govt. of Bihar, India. And her painting titled “Heartbreak Weather – Inertia in the Face of Wildfires” depicting wildfires of Australia was selected in the Niall Horan international art competition.

“Breathe Life” includes paintings of trees, gardens which are efficient carbon sinks – that alleviate CO2 pollution which creates health effects and global warming. It also includes portraits of artist Renan Kaleli (Pollution 1); the creator of 5G technology which is important to the digital economy Prof Erdal Arikan (Pollution 2); the composer and singer of “Heart Break Weather” Niall Horan (Heartbreak Weather – Inertia in the Face of Wildfires); an innocent child who deserves to inherit clean air and blue skies Can Kir (Wildlife).

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